Saturday, March 30, 2013

Memories Scrapbooking Expo and Tim Holtz

I had so much fun on March 22nd. My sister and I, along with two of her coworkers, attended the Memories Scrapbooking Expo at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Oh. The highlight of the day was the demonstrations done by Tim Holtz. He was there all weekend doing free demos at the Stampers Anonymous booth. It was hard to get near him, but by around 3:30 I was able to get close enough to hear. Someone gave up their chair and I actually got to sit right in front of him! It was fantastic! I love his work and his products-especially distress inks. He was so nice. He was very personable. He seemed to care about his audience and let us ask questions. He asked what we wanted to see and was so very helpful. I asked him to show me how to blend with the distress markers (I have so much trouble with them). He gave me the sample that he did and signed it. I came away with great ideas. Here are some pics.


It was sooo great!! The woman in the pink is my sister's coworker. Her name is Kathy and she is a huge fan of Tim's. I think she sat at his booth nearly all day.
Tim said that the best advice he ever got was "Get over Yourself!" I am not sure exactly what that means since that generally is said to someone cocky and arrogant, but to me it means that I need to get over my fears and just step out of my comfort zone to try new things. This past week I have been trying to do just that. I have been braving to try the ideas that are in my head. So far I think I've been successful. I will share those with you at a later date. Two posts today are plenty.
Have a great Easter!

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Georgiana said...

Lucky you! I hope I can meet him one day!